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Vintage report 2022

Although it is a cliché in the wine industry to say that every year is different, the weather conditions during this vintage have been particularly exceptional and have conditioned both the work in the vineyard and the subsequent production and ageing of the wines. The main meteorological characteristics of the vintage have been the intense [...]

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Informe de vendimia 2021

La variabilidad meteorológica fue el factor recurrente a lo largo de esta añada tan atípica, y condicionó la cosecha tanto en cantidad como en calidad. El otoño de 2020 la vid partía de una situación desfavorable por la escasa reserva de agua edáfica, que unido a la escasez de lluvias comprometió la acumulación de [...]

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Añada 2020

RESUMEN La 2020 es una añada que caracteriza el promedio de la zona de producción, ya que pese ser un año lluvioso, los suelos y las cepas, que habían sufrido los rigores de la sequía del año anterior, han tenido que equilibrar la recuperación con la producción. Un verano con temperaturas moderadas pero seco, favoreció [...]

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Bodegas Muñoz has received a grant from the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha

Subsidy from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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2017, A special vintage

One exceptional feature of the world of wine is diversity, a diversity that is evident between regions, between plots, between varieties ... and so on until we come to vintages. And so much so, that even within the same vineyard, with its grapes vinified under similar conditions as previous years, the results can produce a [...]

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2015 Vintage

The 2015 harvest in La Mancha can be summarised as being of greater quality and less quantity. The vegetative rest was marked by a winter that was cooler and drier than usual, while the spring was warmer and drier than the average year, ending the vine cycle with an extremely hot summer - and endless [...]

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2014 Vintage

The period of dormancy of the vine, coinciding with the winter of 2013-14, was characterized by temperatures and rainfall slightly above the usual average for the area. Which in turn provided sufficient water reserves for the first stages of the vegetative period to proceed normally. The spring was very warm and frost-free so vegetative growth [...]

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