Project Description





Blas Muñoz



Following their arrival, the grapes are taken to the destemmer – crusher in order to remove the stalks and lightly crush the berries. Subsequently we lightly macerate the must with grape skins for the purposes of ensuring enhanced extraction of aromas.

With the must obtained, it now ferments in new oak barrels. In addition to the transfer of aromas and tannins from the oak, the wine is enriched by its aging on lees using the batônnage technique. We thereby obtain a wine with much more body in the mouth.


The ageing tends to last approximately 6 months, always in a new barrel, controlling the process in order to ensure the right balance between fruit and oak.

Tasting notes

Look: Very attractive straw yellow colour, with flecks of gold.  Brilliant, clean and satiny.

Smell: Very pleasant aroma, with hints of pineapple and peach combined with notes of coconut and toasted nuances from the oak.

Taste: It is warm and fatty, broad and enveloping. Its persistence in the mouth is prolonged.

Pairing: Dishes made with all types of fish and shellfish.  Rice dishes.  Even perfect with roasted meats, such as lamb, etc…

Technical specifications

Varieties: 100% Chardonnay.

Age of the vineyard: 20 years

Barrels: Blend of French and American oak

Age of the barrels: New.

Time in barrel: 6 months.

Time in bottle: 3 months minimum.

Alcohol content: 14 % Vol.

Serving temperature: 8º – 10ºC

Winemaker: Bienvenido Muñoz Pollo.