The 2015 harvest in La Mancha can be summarised as being of greater quality and less quantity.

The vegetative rest was marked by a winter that was cooler and drier than usual, while the spring was warmer and drier than the average year, ending the vine cycle with an extremely hot summer – and endless heat waves during the month of July – and despite maintaining normal rainfall, with this “normally” being scant, it caused the water balance as a whole to be deficient.

The water deficit this year affected the harvest in the two descriptive variables of the vintage: the harvest was characterized by fewer and smaller berries.

The white wines have normal alcoholic strength and slightly lower acidity, while in terms of aromatic balance, the secondary character carries somewhat more weight.

The red wines are characterized by a higher alcoholic and phenolic concentration, and by a lower acidity. The wines produced are ideal for withstanding long periods of aging, however, it will take a little more time to fine-tune those that are to be consumed in the coming months as young wines.

DOM rating > Very good