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After the grapes arrive at the winery, they are taken to the de-stemmer-presser for the purposes of eliminating the stalks and slightly breaking down the berries.  Maceration of the must with skin for the purposes of obtaining greater extraction of aromas.

With the must obtained, it ferments in new oak barrels.  As well as the aromas and tannin from the oak, the wine is enriched by ageing on the lees of the yeast, periodically placed in suspension using the batonnage technique. We thereby obtain a wine with a lot more body on the palate, a fattier wine.


The ageing tends to take approximately 6 months, always in new barrels, modulating this period in such a way that the wood doesn’t overpower the wine.

Tasting notes

Appearance: Very attractive straw yellow colour, with flecks of gold.  Brilliant, clean and satiny.

Nose: Very pleasant aroma, toasted from the wood, vanilla and butter, slightly smoked and with floral notes. Hints of citrus fruits (grapefruit), dried fruits and white fruit.

Flavour: It is warm and fatty, full-bodied and toasted, enveloping the palate, perceiving a good ageing end note.  Its persistence in the mouth is lengthy.

Pairing: Dishes made with all types of fish and shellfish.  Rice dishes.  Even perfect with roasted meats, such as lamb, etc...

Technical specifications

Varieties: 100% Chardonnay.

Age of the vineyard: 15 years

Barrels: 50% French – 50% American.

Age of the barrels: New.

Time in barrel: 6 months.

Time in bottle: 6 months.

Alcohol content: 14 % Vol.

Serving temperature: 5º / 7º

Winemaker: Bienvenido Muñoz Pollo.

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